Riah here :] I'm 21 and a college senior. ~ I have a link up above the Deathly Hallows for a better about me :)
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about me

So… I’m Mariah. But you can call me Riah (or Tonks). I’m 21, from Michigan, studying history in one of the oldest towns in the midwest that is REALLY BORING but has awesome people in it (awesome people = me and my friends).

I have a cat (Emma) and a dog (Molly) and you’ll probably see me reblog a lot of cat and guinea pig stuff (since I love guinea pigs and i miss mine </3 rip molly and lily and pig and chibiiiii)

I LOVE vintage stuff (as well as the lolita style but I think that’s slowly being replaced by 50’s skirts) and occasionally will post(/squeal) about finding stuff on etsy or irl.

Also, just a warning - I do a LOT of ‘personal’ posts. Sometimes they are under a read more but if you don’t want to read them, I always tag them as ‘personal’ or ‘mariahs rambles’ and my selfies are ‘hey look its my face’.