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And to top it all off my room smells like popcorn

3 days ago on April 13th | J | 0 notes

Last year when the Christian women’s conference was here I was wearing hot pink skinny jeans and was covered in mud
This year I’m wearing a hot pink sweatshirt and so far no mud
I really hope I don’t find mud….

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Tumblr what have you done to me

One of the terms we’re going over today in geology is ‘fetch’ and my first thought was “Stop trying to make fetch happen”

4 days ago on April 11th | J | 2 notes

Yesterday I was so proud of myself that I was in bed before 11:15…… And I told myself that that would happen again tonight

well needless to say that tumblr and my itunes library have prevented that

6 days ago on April 9th | J | 0 notes

that awesome moment when a paper on a movie you haven’t watched yet isn’t due tomorrow, but next week

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i swear to fuck if the health center tells me i can’t dance i’m gonna be pissed

the jitterbug is the next dance we’re learning and swing dances and the waltz are literally the reason i signed up for social dance and i do not want to miss it

1 week ago on April 6th | J | 0 notes

oh this was the result of me shopping today

my first reaction when i looked in the mirror was holy boob

so yeah i know what i’m wearing when i go out next weekend

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cats and dogs are weird, emma’s been following me since i got home with a concerned look on her face

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tumblr i have a question! i’m almost done with my book that i’m reading and i don’t have another one that’s this engrossing on my kindle so i’m in search of good avengers fanfics, i really don’t care what pairing it is or if there is even a pairing

but darcy is good because darcy = funny

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Should I be Sailor Moon, Usagi, or Princess Serenity for halloween?

1 week ago on April 5th | J | 1 note

I am 99% sure that the guy who was in my study skills class in high school sent me a friend request on Facebook

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24 hours and i will be curled up in bed with my emma

1 week ago on April 3rd | J | 1 note

I hate being restricted to certain databases for assignments :|

I can only use General Reference Center Gold or Credo Reference for this assignment I’m working on, but I CAN’T FIND ANYTHING THAT I’M INTERESTED IN ON THEM DX If I could just use google or the books in my room, this assignment would have been done in ten minutes…. grrrr

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is it bad that i know i’m getting better because my fingers are cold again?

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